The Two Princess of British Family Who Loves Green Color Dresses

Author:Tom 2019-10-18

Princess Kate


In rencently, Princess Kate's trip to Pakistan is amazing, and she once again showed her unique style of dress.


Princess Kate's green dress


The mother of the three children seems to like the green color dress, whether it is the evening dress at the dinner party or the green dress with white slacks.


princess Meghan


Princess Megan and Princess Kate like green dress in the same time, and she wore a dark green dress at the awards ceremony of the "Good Kids" award.




Princess Megan and Princess Kate are the most elegant temperament women in the world. Their dresses lead the fashion trend.


princess Kate and Meghan


Princess Kate used to rarely wear the green dress. We don't know if she was influenced by Princess Megan. On the four-day trip to Pakistan, Princess Kate tried the green color dress twice.


princess meghan's green skirt


Megan is a green super fan before she is an actor. The forest green pencil skirt shows her good temperament.


green dresses for Princess Meghan


After the brith of Prince Archie, Princess Megan is still a green loyal fan. Dark green dress with a camel windbreaker is intellectual and elegant.


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