The Subtle Sophistication Womenswear Runway Analysis of Miu Miu

Author:Spring 2023-03-15



For Fall/Winter 2023, the House took to Paris Fashion Week to continue its efforts in creating it-girl bags and garments, while also putting the focus on cozy essentials elevated for the off-duty casual-chic attitude that oozes out of Miu Miu’s walls. This season, Mrs. Prada dives into the notion of “looking,” in turn uncovering what is “underneath” and addressing the “outer” layers of clothing construction, and the structure of how we dress.


Runway Overview


Compared with the elegant preppy style in the previous seasons, Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 collection reveals a more rebellious spirit. Miu Miu girl’s hair is kind of messy, and her tights are pulled up over the tops. The desaturated tones awaken people’s awareness to the war.


womenswear runway


Fall/Winter 2023 collection weakens the silhouette of ready-to-wear. The low saturation of colors awaken people’s awareness to the war.


womenswear Key Colors


The herringbone knitting is a fashion expression of the Old Money aesthetic. Wide shoulders and neat tailoring better present the minimalist preppy style.


womenswear runway


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