The Parent-child Outfits are Popular Now

Author:Tom 2019-12-27

After the Christmas day, it was full of warm and loving parent-child photos on the ins. Whether it's a holiday or go on a tour holiday, mothers bring their children to wear parent-child outfits, which not only seduces their eyes, earns enough head-turns, but also promotes parent-child relationships.


Princess Kate


The most eye-catching thing is the parent-child costume of Princess Kate and her daughter. A little red bouquet is dotted on it, red and green match is getting the most perfect interpretation. The dark green is full of high-quality texture and strong retro atmosphere for Christmas. The daughter's dark green coat is selected by Peter Pan collar. Although the color is thick, but the style is very old, so children will not look mature. In order to avoid the dullness caused by the large area of dark green, the princess is very smart to use only a hat as a color echo. With gray, gentle and elegant, is showing the princess style.


princess Kate and her daughter


The clutch and hat is the same color match. Even if it is not a parent-child outfit, the princess alone is very interesting. It can be seen that fashionable and careful machines are everywhere.


Princess Kate


The eyes that are almost spoiled, each mother will soften into a pool of water when facing the child.


Princess Kate and husband


Looking at the photo of the family, mother and daughter, father and son all wear parent-child outfits, which together have a high degree of harmony and beauty.


How to wear parent-child outfits, taking several bloggers as examples, you can try the following methods:


NO.1 color echo method




In addition to the basic colors on the body, other colors can be used as color echoes. Mother's red boots and daughter's red sweater, as well as red objects appearing elsewhere, add a little green to form a Christmas theme style. The picture is warm and affectionate.




Parent-child style does not require that the items are completely the same, that is already a very long and basic form of parent-child equipment. The higher level is to use color matching to achieve a unified purpose, and pay attention to the overall beauty.



Keep the colors as simple as possible, it is highlighting only the colors that need to be echoed. Other colors can be assisted by black, white and gray. The little cute pink dress is the same color as the mother's shirt. Adding a touch of fresh white is the daily parent-child Look.




There are two colors, white and pink is to echo the street with her daughter.



The echoing colors don't need too much proportion. Even a small logo can reflect your collocation and careful thinking, and it gives a very delicate feeling.


NO.2 contrast color matching method



Black can produce a strong contrast with many bright colors. This mother's dress is based on black, white and gray, and it will not overwhelm the whole. It forms a visual contrast with the big red on the child.



Navy blue and peach pink is low-saturation contrast with a bit of gray tones. The fresh and elegant color matching has indescribably fashionable and elegant in the dull winter days.



This parent-child outfit is not just a simple black and white contrast, but also a color echo method. Simple black-and-white color matching. Mom wears a streamlined and smart suit. The child chooses a princess dress and cashmere vest. Different styles are accepted by each other because of the harmonious color matching.


NO.3 Same color system



The same color system does not specifically refer to the same color, it refers to two or more different colors in the same color system. For example, in this photo, the "gray blue + navy blue" worn by the princess family belongs to the blue tone, and "sage + army green" belongs to the green tone.



Naked powder, taro powder and different shades of pink combination are gentle and sweet, like a pink sea of flowers rippling.



For the same red color match, pink with big red is going to grab a lot of shots. The color is rich, with a little retro flavor.



The same clean white color, combined with the warm and soft waxy texture of the lambskin, is like the dandelions sprinkled which scratches the heart. The baby wore a special kawaii and looked like a cute white rabbit.


We often say that "parents are children's enlightenment teachers", which is not only manifested in the cultivation of children's personality and qualities, but also includes the "aesthetic" enlightenment. Mother 's aesthetics affects the children's feelings. From now on, the children are taught to “love beauty, love themselves, love life” and make delicate and shiny girl or boy together.


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