The Creative Preppy Design Development of Kidswear

Author:Tina 2022-05-27

Development of Kidswear

The Ukraine designer Daria Zinovatnaya received the Red Dot Design Award for the Cherokee collection in 2017. Passionate about color and bold geometric shapes, the designer creates products, furniture, and interiors that are as imaginative as they are vibrant and artistic. 

Color Inspiration
Geos and checks are the classic elements for preppy style. Creative hand-painted elements are integrated to subvert the conventions. Retro bright colors and overlapped coatings present a modernized design technique. Argyles, mosaics, letters, regular patterns and unisex palettes are the timeless expressions.
Colorful Check pattern
Italian house FENDI continues the classic monogram sets and bold fits. Dropped-shoulder baseball jacket in blue interprets the unisex dressing. Shiny sequins and contrast bright colors renew the retro fashion. Oversized knitted vest and cape-style silhouette reflect the unique fashion attitude of FENDI.
The Korean emerging vintage brand P.Chees pays homage to the retro fashion through bold color blocking and layering. Saturated brights are combined to subvert the traditional winter palette. Eye-catching accessories are also the signature. In the post-pandemic era, P.Chees tries to give people a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere.