The Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Paris Couture Week

Author:Lily 2023-07-31

Paris Couture Week


The new season of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week featured Schiaparelli as the opening brand, bringing a visually stunning feast of ultra-sensory aesthetics to the audience. In addition, Thom Browne made his debut at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with an exaggerated and whimsical haute couture show. There were also Viktor & Rolf's playful deconstructions and Giambattista Valli, a favorite of female celebrities on the red carpet. This season showcased various forms of separate dresses, romantic three-dimensional rose and bow shapes, and the abundant use of metallic luster and satin materials, together creating a luxurious and innovative new fashion trend.


Paris Couture Week


Two-piece separates, as a continuing hot trend in formalwear, showcased new silhouettes in various forms during this season's Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Whether it's the combination of a hooded jumpsuit with a cape, a shawl over a dress, or a separate suit set, these styles adapt to different occasions, enriching the forms and styles of formalwear. From the glamorous cape paired with a cocktail dress, allowing easy transition between evening events and parties, to the casual suit ensemble, these outfits cater to a variety of settings.


Two-piece Separates


The flowing and ethereal nature of cape creates a captivating skirt-like effect, making the wearer more eye-catching when walking or dancing. Whether it is a plain-colored cloak cape or one embellished with embroidery, beads, or other decorations, it can visually enhance the texture and luxury of a formal attire through its design and material.


Cape fashion week


A-shaped large hem is a classic silhouette for formal dresses, and it is a popular choice for many people at wedding banquets. This season, various fabrics such as lace, satin, and chiffon are used, combined with three-dimensional flowers, ruffled edges, and clustered bead embellishments to enrich the texture of the hem, showcasing the luxurious aesthetics of high-end customization.


A-line Dress


The cocktail dress is a semi-formal dress for women, typically suitable for formal or semi-formal social occasions, such as dinners, wedding parties, dances, and celebrations. It is lighter and more relaxed compared to formal dresses like evening gowns, but still maintains a certain level of elegance and formality. As people seek a relaxed and self-indulgent state of mind, the cocktail dress that balances formality and comfort has gradually gained attention from designers.


Cocktail Dress


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