The Comprehensive Fabric Analysis of Menswear Benchmark Brand

Author:Spring 2023-11-22


The classic business men's clothing style is concise, formal and traditional, with a focus on detail design, showcasing an elegant temperament with a simple and fitting silhouette. The selected fabrics are highly textured, and this season's materials are mainly high-quality natural fibers such as high count cotton yarn, mulberry silk, and wool and cashmere.With the increasing number of consumer activity scenarios, such as outdoor leisure, classic men's clothing has also integrated technology protection and warmth functions while maintaining wearing quality, achieving diversified consumer wearing scenarios. This report focuses on the hot selling items of domestic classic business style men's clothing benchmark brands, extracts and analyzes key fabric information, and looks forward to the development direction of fabrics in business classic styles.


Menswear Benchmark Brand


At present, Callisto Carlister, Lampo Blue Leopard, KALTENDIN Carlton, DIKENI Dikoni, Autason Odyson, and VICUTU are important reference brands in the domestic business classic style men's clothing market, while Saint Angelo, Boni Boni, ROMON Romon and other brands are also popular. This report comprehensively balances the innovative technology and commercial value of various brands' fabrics, analyzing the online sales of brands such as Lampo Blue Leopard, KALTENDIN Carlton, DIKENI Disconi, VICUTU Wickdo, and Callisto Calister, as well as the retail status of various shopping malls in Shanghai to analyze popular fabrics in mainstream categories.


Benchmark Brands


This report focuses on the analysis of ready-made clothing categories that require fabric procurement decisions, such as shirts, pants, and suits. According to the comparison of market data this season, the market share of products with thermal insulation and three prevention functions has increased. Due to the emphasis on garment technology in the two major categories of jeans and woolen knitwear, the report only provides overall data analysis without detailed material introduction. Looking at the proportion of comprehensive categories and sales volume of autumn and winter goods on 23/24, it can be concluded that the proportion of shirts and sales volume have high commercial value in the retail market. This report analyzes the popular fabrics worth paying attention to in the categories of shirts, jackets, woolen overcoats, suits, down jackets, and casual pants using the proportion of ready-made clothing data as the axis.


Bestseller Data Analysis


This season's classic business shirt fabric combines warmth retention and iron-free functions, and the surface is often treated with micro sanding technology.

1. Main fabric:Natural protein fibers such as sheep hair and mulberry silk are blended with regenerated cellulose such as viscose or combed long staple cotton, with a small amount of spandex added to enhance activity comfort during wearing.

2. Trendy fabricsSynthetic fibers such as polyester and acrylic are mainly blended with recycled cellulose such as modal.

3. Basic fabric: Cotton ammonia blended micro elastic fabric, combined with non ironing process.


Shirt Fabrics


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