Princess Kate took the baby out for a trip who is wearing a parent-child costume with her daughter

Author:Jasper 2019-04-15

Princess Kate finally took the children out to play. She was busy with various kinds of visits during her usual life. Every time she appeared, she always wore a tailored dress that was dignified and elegant. However, Princess Kate took a baby out and wore a very casual look.


Princess Kate


Princess Kate wears a blue jacket with black slim trousers, and Martin boots. She is cool and full of fashion style. Princess Kate smashed the ponytail, the sunglasses on the head, so handsome. Along with the mother, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are a highlight.


Princess Kate


Charlotte Little Princess is wearing the same color dress with her mother? Also to wear a navy blue jacket, a ponytail, she looks so soft and cute. Black leggings paired with a yellow and blue contrast Scottish plaid skirt, she is cute and warm.


Charlotte Little Princess


The little princess has a white complexion and reddish-brown color hair. Even wearing a dark shape is very cute and playful. If you have a daughter, you can learn it. It's very hot in the early spring.  It's still necessary to go out and play with a small jacket.


Princess Kate


George Little Prince wore a dark green costume, and the red face was set off to be more rosy. With his golden little curls, it was as delicate and cute as a doll. The green zipper hoodie of the bean paste is simple in design and the material looks very soft and comfortable.


George Little Prince


Prince George wore dark green trousers echoing the bean-lined green sweater on the top, with a low-key harmony. The black sneakers on the feet are classic and versatile, it is not easy to make mistakes. Did moms get the matching skills of Princess Kate? George Little Prince wears a dark shape, but it can be so soft and cute.


British royal family


It turned out that the British royal family, like other families, had a group of friends with their children and enjoyed the good times outdoors. Prince George rode on Mia’s father, Mike’s shoulder, and Mia rode on Prince William's shoulder, it was awkward. Mia is still taller than Prince George. What the two children are doing? This is too cute.


Prince George


Children's clothing is mostly cute because of its small size. However, the selection of children's clothing, fabric comfort is the ultimate, pure cotton, linen and other soft materials that are more suitable for children's delicate skin, mothers must look carefully when buying clothes for their baby.


royal family


The little princess and her mother are wearing a parent-child costume, a blue-faced jacket with black pants, it is very simple and refreshing. Paired with a blue Scottish plaid skirt, they are full of playful and lively! The little prince wore a dark green shape who is full of vitality and bursts. Do you like the shape of Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

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