Princess Kate In Royal Blue

Author:Jasper 2018-11-20

According to some statistic, blue is dominant in the clothes worn by Queen Elizabeth II. Royal blue is most favored by the royal family, representing the noble quality.

Princess Kate likes royal blue very much. When duke and duchess of Cambridge went to Barnsley to attend activities, Princess Kate wore a woolen dress in royal blue, elegant and noble.

Delicate woolen dress can show the slim body shape; the high waist design also makes body shape more attractive. The blue high heels are a perfect match. At the local charity institution, Princess Kate helped cut bread.

Pleated skirt is fit for Princess Kate though she has children. Highly saturated blue is suitable for Princess Kate's skin color, healthy and energetic.

Winter is approaching. A slim woolen dress in royal blue is chic and delicate.

The reason Princess Kate always chooses the blue woolen dress is not only her preference to royal blue, but the nobility of it. The simple and blue high waist dress is below the knee, completely showing the fit body shape.

The smooth fabrics have a elevated finish. The high heels in the skin color perfectly ornament the leg line. By the way, this dress is fit for tall women.

During pregnancy, Princess Kate wore another blue woolen dress, which is not voluminous at all. The commuter design is for all body shapes. The black high heels are attractive; the bow on collar is sweet.

Whether in official events like meeting famous people and visiting charity institutions, or private activities such as weddings, a simple royal blue dress shows elegant and noble looks.