Princess Kate and Meghan's Fashion Style on Occasions

Author:Tom 2019-10-11


Kate and Meghan


There are indeed very different differences between Princess Kate and Princess Megan, two civilians. From the original family to their later careers, there is almost no intersection, so there are obvious differences in their fashion styles, even though they are all master of goods.



Kate's fashion style


Today, let's take a look at the differences between the two Pricess in terms of fashion expression. The first is the color of the clothes. The 37-year-old Princess Kate prefers brightly colored clothes, which can basically be collected in a "rainy color". A little bit similar to the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, which is considered to be preparing for the role of "The Queen of the Future." Among the many colors, Kate most likes blue, which can account for about 70% of the color of her wardrobe. She admits that blue will bring her strength.



Megan prefers dark clothes, especially black. Although the royal family has dressing rules, non-special occasions do not wear black, but Megan broke the convention after joining the royal family, small black dresses and even black suits are often accompanied by her. We believes that this may be related to her skin color and temperament. In any case, Megan wears black who looks good. Especially after the birth, Megan's body did not return to its peak, wearing a lot of clothes are fat, but a pure black jumpsuit makes Meigen gas field full, she looks stylish and full of vitality.


floral dresses for Princess Kate


Secondly, Kate likes printing. Whether it is evening dress or performing official duties, or private time, Kate always wears a printed skirt. This seems to be similar to the Queen, although the Queen often wears long coats of various colors, but inadvertently the exposed skirts are almost all floral patterns. Printing is not everyone can control, Kate is basically good, after all, her temperament is very gentle, suitable for this fashion style that highlights femininity.




Megan prefers solid color. Even if it is a two-piece set, she will try to match it into a uniform color. This method of wearing is basically the safest and not easy to make mistakes, but the requirements for the body are relatively high. The roots are still very easy before pregnancy.


princess Kate's style


Secondly, Kate's dress style is more retro, no matter what kind of fabric or color, she most often wears a A-line length to knee lady dress, "practical and conservative, very in line with the royal dress code."


Meghan's dresses


Megan prefers a modern shirt dress, especially when she and Prince Harry visited Africa, at least five times to wear shirt dresses but of course not all new clothes. Megan also broke the habit of the British royal women who did not show their shoulders during the day. The sleeveless skirt was very happy to wear. Fashion commentary believes that shirt skirts can help women create an "hourglass" posture, which can highlight the charm, and it is very convenient to wear, but the body is required, and the fat waist is not suitable.


Kate's blue dresses


In terms of jewelry, although Kate has a lot of earrings, she almost does not "make a fuss", only the sapphire wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, other no decoration, and rarely wear bracelet bracelet, at most a watch. It is reported that it was a wedding gift given to her by Prince William, a Cartier woman watch, Kate has been wearing for many years.


Princess Meghan's jewerly


In addition to all kinds of earrings, Megan also likes the ring exceptionally. The most exaggerated one is when he is wearing the wedding ceremony of Princess Eugenie, her finger is almost full of rings, and there are bracelets on her wrist. A kind of wearing method similar to showing off, makes many people feel uncomfortable.


two princess


In short, the dress of Princess Kate is more in line with the rules of the royal family, but it is also moderate and dignified, while Megan is more modern, simple and convenient, suitable for fast-paced life.


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