Ornamental Accessory Trend for Menswear & Womenswear

Author:Spring 2022-09-29

Accessory Trend


Ornamental accessory is one of the main expressions of clothing appearance. Hardware sits on the driving seat in this season. The combination of pearls, beads and metal is also welcoming. This report will focus on fashion trends, materials, styling, colors and positions of ornamental accessories, and introduce you the following six directions.


Accessory Trend


Well-designed Metal
Material: electroplated metal alloy

Styling: concrete shape; bag hardware

Colors: golden; silver; gun gray

Positions: cuffs; pocket open; placket; waistband; sleeves


Accessory Trend


Metallic Rivet

Material: electroplated copper; electroplated silver

Styling: flat circle; 3D cone

Colors: matted silver; bright silver; dark gray; golden coffee

Positions: neckline; cuffs; shoulders; waist; graphic design


Metallic Rivet


Diamond Stud
Material: glass; metal; zircon

Styling: fine arrangement

Colors: lustrous diamond; crystal gloss

Positions: neckline; shoulders; chest; graphic design


Diamond Stud


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