A/W 23/24 Women's Knitwear Detail Craft Keywords

Author:Tina 2022-02-22

Women's Knitwear


Detail craft is still the key point for A/W 23/24 mature market. The use of accessory is the best way to express the quality of knitwear. Metals and the materials of patchwork are noteworthy. The cutouts on shoulder should pay attention to the fineness of edges. The seam stitching selects heterogeneous materials to strengthen the edges. The design of ribbing is enriched, while jacquard and simple linear trims catch eyeballs. The embossed crochet flowers on sleeves are innovative and delicate.


Women's Knitwear


Metal accessories of women's knitwear will be continued to A/W 23/24. The understated decorations in placement meet the concept of ‘less is more’. Smooth gilded surface is recommended the most to show textures. The use of diamonds should pay attention to color matching.


Eye-catching Metal


Cutouts focus on the delicacy of edges. Heterogenous splicing and trimming improve the sense of design. Work on patterns and hand-braided networks. Differing materials and accessories are infused to enrich the handle of knitwear.


Delicate Cutout


The patchwork is crisper and more gamine in this new season. Solid leather transforms the loose silhouette of knitwear; lustrous woven fabrics bring the qualities of urban techwear. Besides, the brush coating on knitwear changes the textures and realizes the same handle of patchwork.


Innovative Patchwork


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