A/W 23/24 Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Women's Knitwear

Author:Spring 2023-03-21

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The knitwear pieces showcased in the 2024 autumn/winter women's collection emphasize simplicity and refinement with a minimalist design approach. The collection includes several categories: sweaters, suits, and dresses. The casual polo shirts prioritize craftsmanship and combine a relaxed feel with a touch of sophistication. The layering styling of ethnic-inspired designs creates a fresh sensation, while the design of individual pieces pays attention to using yarn and small design details.


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The minimalist pullover is an essential item to focus on in the 2024 autumn/winter fashion show. The sweater is very practical, with a simple style incorporating minor details. The yarn has a slight characteristic, and the organization is relatively simple, with an overall design direction of minimalism. Pairing it with a scarf or an outer coat can add plus stylish layering effect.


Minimalist Pullover


The casual polo shirts in the 2024 autumn/winter fashion show are more diverse in form. Items also have a touch of sophistication while keeping a relaxed atmosphere. Embellishments such as rhinestones are essential to this season. Netted designs are an important choice for late autumn and early winter, as they can be layered or worn alone to add refinement to casual wear.


Casual Polo Shirt


Ethnic-inspired clothing in bright colors and rich patterns was showcased in the 2024 autumn/winter fashion shows. Brands experimented with layering different clothing categories, such as pairing sweaters with cardigans and dresses with cardigans, resulting in new and visually striking combinations.


Ethnic Layering


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