Zimmermann's 2021 spring ready to wear collection of wild botanical garden

Author:Tom 2020-09-24

"We usually create a series with printing as the core. This season I hope to use unique floral shapes and unexpected color combinations to create a unique Australian style of botanical art. We consider the use of brisk and exquisite shapes to be neat, The tough tailoring creates a sense of balance. I came across Ellis Rowan’s work by chance. She was a pioneering artist, naturalist and explorer at the beginning of the last century. Her style combines science and creativity. She leads with accuracy. She is famous for her feminine, colorful and imaginative paintings of wildflowers, insects and birds. We are fortunate to cooperate with institutions such as the National Library of Australia and have the opportunity to present ten of her works in colorful prints. Interpretation in the series. We interpret the feminine feminine style with transparent thin cicada wing yarns and exaggerated silhouettes, which is in sharp contrast with the masculine and tough neutral milky white suits. The style of tailored styling is especially important to me, the simple styling is to balance to the series that is the key factor, I hope we will continue to explore from here."




Every ruffle, delicate detail and \exquisite dress has a corresponding series of striped backless skirts and loose-fitting suits with a simple silhouette and casual style. There is a natural sense of harmony between them that presenting the different faces of the same woman.




In order to interpret vivid printing patterns, every aspect of the design is crucial. We use transparent cicada wing yarn and a large number of graphics to bring life to the artwork, loose layered skirts, pleated stitching and cleverly laid out laser-cut petal patterns that gives the three-dimensional effect of the artwork. Zimmermann continued the skirt lining used in the previous quarter, and its exaggerated width created a new sense of movement and sculpture under the silhouette. At the same time, there are printed pleats, laser-cut multi-level hand-stitched flowers and butterfly decorations, shrub texture loose cotton crochet patterns, closer inspection will find agate pendant bracelets and accessories decorated with dragonfly patterns.




Casual linen suits and Italian cotton shirts have a masculine look and style, suitable for matching tailored vests and shorts and leather belt belts. Dropped shoulders and deep pockets add a touch of laziness to loose wool and soft linen, and the crisp twill and woven raffia create long jackets and wide-leg pants. From polished jewel button decorations, hidden cuff embroidery to delicate hidden snaps on twill shawls, every single item is refined in detail.




Lace-up suits, cropped dresses and light pajamas made of brocade materials are comfortable and breathable. They are suitable for matching with delicately detailed and durable boots or casual T-shaped flats in the warmer months. Cat's eye blue, coral red and dark green create the matte effect of the fabric. The colorful main line book pattern inlays different works of art into an overall magical printing pattern.




On the day when the new series was released in Sydney, ELLE also interviewed Nicky Zimmermann, the creative director of the brand (hereinafter referred to as NZ), to talk about the inspiration and brand story of the new season.


ELLE: Can you talk about the inspiration of the brand's 2021 spring and summer series?


NZ: As you can see, the inspiration for the 2021 spring collection sprouted from the "wild botanical garden" in Australia. I drew inspiration from Australia's unique animals and plants, and designed the entire series using a large number of plant prints and natural biological prints.


ELLE: Zimmermann is from Australia. How do you think the origin of "Australia" has influenced you? Or is it the biggest advantage?


NZ: I think Australia has a lot of differences in this country. In this country, human beings and nature have a very close connection. We can get in touch with plants and creatures in nature at any time, and can give me inspiration and transform them into fashion design elements. Secondly, all the experiences in this country are very special. You will never feel isolated, but will always be closely related to others.


ELLE: How many ready-to-wear collections do you produce each year? Will there be pressure during preparation?


NZ: Usually there are at least 3 ready-to-wear collections, 2 early spring vacation collections, and some special collaboration series, there are still many. As a designer, you must make the public fall in love with your work, so this pressure is bound to come.


ELLE: How did you respond?


NZ: When it comes to anti-stress methods, I will first relax myself through Pilates, which is really effective for me. Then, I will tell myself that I must maintain a happy and optimistic attitude at work so that I can enjoy the busy process and find happiness from it. This is a good way to relieve pressure! (laugh)


ELLE: Printing and lace elements are important roles of the Zimmermann brand. Why do you think they are important to women?


NZ: First of all, I think the fabric of the clothes is the most important of all the elements. They can determine the silhouette, cut and shape of the clothes. And I personally prefer the transparent and light texture of organza, so I am happy to apply them to Zimmermann's brand design. This material is very compatible with beautiful prints and lace. Together, they can show the ultimate beauty on the female body, which can truly make people feel beauty. This is also an important reason why I like to use print and lace.


ELLE: Zimmermann's career started in swimwear. Why did you choose swimwear to start your business?


NZ: Because I come from Australia, I want to promote my design career to the international scope, and swimwear is undoubtedly a very good idea. For most people, they are the easiest to accept an interesting and healthy lifestyle, and swimwear is related to this most acceptable lifestyle. Therefore, I chose to start my design career in the form of swimwear.


ELLE: "Sisterhood" is a very important element of the Zimmermann brand. How does it affect your brand?


NZ: For me, the emotion between sisters is almost the most important thing. In this industry, we always firmly support each other and give each other full respect. This will be a key factor affecting our career. And in the busy work, it is also very lucky to have someone to accompany you to travel and work together. Therefore, I cherish this emotion and always regard it as the soul of the brand.


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