You may lose to this dog for the fashion

Author:Tom 2020-03-27

On this special holiday, we have more time than ever to stage a "boring behavior reward" at home. How many people, like us, have never wanted to have a dog so much. They can also dress up while they accompany them.

A star Boobie from Williamsburg has melted the hearts of many netizens. The petite and stylish Boobie puts on a variety of popular items, even the home is still delicate.

Boobie's Fashion Looks

With high neck sweaters, romantic lace, printed motifs, contrasting colors, and more, Boobie can handle every style. Especially the small expressions that are comfortable and enjoyable are almost perfect!

As the epidemic continues to spread, Boobie's hand sanitizer is reminding human friends that they must wash their hands and disinfect them frequently.

Accessories such as hats, headscarves, scarves, small shoes, bags, and so on, look like decent ones. It is really unforgettable if you are not lost.

We have to say that the little owner of Boobie is very careful in dressing it up. So how do you "toss" your family dog these days at home?