Why will the epidemic change the style for women

Author:Tom 2021-08-04

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After the epidemic, every outfit of mine looked wrong. I don't have any shoes that I like, and I don't have suitable pants. During the year when the epidemic was closed, I only wore T-shirts and shirts for online meetings. The wardrobe before the epidemic is a bit strange to me-it seems to belong to a woman I have heard of but can only vaguely remember. She wears tights, she likes a belt, and she stuffs her evening necessities into a bag that is too small to hold what she really needs.


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When we came out of a year of isolation, it was clear that we were all changed by this epidemic, and our clothes once again reminded us of this unintentional but undeniable change. So far, when I re-enter the society in mid-2021 wearing the clothes of January 2020, I feel like wearing a costume. My old clothes are too monotonous, too restrictive, too cumbersome, too inconvenient, and too unlike me. I am different now, so my clothes should also be different.


I am not the only one who feels this way. Most of my friends have expressed similar dilemmas. On the Internet, you will find countless strangers confused about what to wear when returning to work (but their consensus seems to be less business clothing). Everyone walked out of the town vigorously. The clothes have bright colors, patterns, prints and loose versions. After such a sad year, it seems that everyone wants to dress happily, everyone wants to stretch their body, everyone wants to show their true self.


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When talking about fashion in the post-epidemic era, Jennifer Dasher, assistant professor of fashion design at the University of Florida, said: "Adapting to a certain style of clothing and beauty standards will be a choice, not an expectation." "Self expression, cultural expression and the constant pursuit of comfort will be the core of fashion."

"I want to see a lot of colors," Gail Brassard, who teaches fashion design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, agrees. "The epidemic is a major event—like war or economic depression—it will have a profound impact on all aspects of the world, especially art."


Brasard expects more "fantasy dressing", "loose fit" and casual clothing. Judging from the various styles and bold colors on the runway of Venice Fashion Week, they are all right. Fashion is changing rapidly, and the new shape is the projection on the appearance of this event that we have collectively experienced. People are happy to continue to wear comfortable clothes (at least for me), rather than just insisting on wearing undershirts. At the same time, there is a kind of optimistic energy that can be used in clothing.


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The changing period of fashion coincides with the great changes in society


Throughout history, global events—wars, diseases, depressions, revolutions—have directly affected our clothes.

Dasher pointed out: "The period of fashion change is consistent with the great changes in society."


There are some periods that illustrate this feature: after the First World War and the Spanish flu, there was a dazzling and gorgeous roar of the 1920s; after the factory fashion of the Second World War, women put on pants.


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Flapper girls in the 1920s

fashion trendCoco chanel's trousers


Even earlier, the French Revolution made it politically incorrect for men to wear breeches and buckle shoes and other aristocratic fashions, which gave birth to the emergence of trousers and shoelaces. The fashion historian Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell said that this is no coincidence. During the Napoleonic Wars, the Civil War and the First World War, women’s fashion incorporated many military elements, such as buckles and cap badges. 


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During the period of great social change, not only ideology and emotions dominate the transformation of these clothes, but technology and trade have also traditionally played an important role. The invention of the bicycle created a more "reasonable" clothing trend-that is, you can wear comfortable clothing for activities. The Napoleonic Wars allowed textiles and styles from faraway places to penetrate European fashion.


We are going through a fashion revolution


The changes in fashion are often slow, just like the change from men wearing high heels to women wearing high heels, which is often difficult to detect, and it has quietly formed in the centuries. What is happening now is more like an earthquake, a dividing line before and after, bringing us into the future of fashion.


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This brings me back to my current predicament: I don't know what to wear. When we put on clothes and reappear in this world, with the formation of new style conventions, there will undoubtedly be some fashion illusions. In terms of self-exhibition, we are all a bit clumsy now, so when we work together to figure out what fashion in the post-epidemic era looks like, another accessory we need to carry is elegance. The elegance of the other party.


I vaguely remember me before the epidemic, and now I can vaguely see what my life will look like after the epidemic. She likes bold colors, comfortable skirts, and easy-to-wear shoes. She will use a more practical bag to hold her belongings.


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