Who Is Peppa Pig?

Author:Jenny 2019-01-25

Almost overnight, “ Who is Peppa Pig” becomes a hit in China. Before that, many big brands released limited editions of the year 2019 of pig, from LV’s pig key chain and Gucci’s bag to Zara’s bag.



The 2019 Chinese lunar new year is very near and there are only 2 weeks left. Here, you can firstly see the eccentric pig designed by Givenchy’s designers.



Below are the realistic pig images on watches from top brands.


2019 pig

To be honest, sweetness is the key for the 2019 limited editions. Today we will check all those 2019 limited editions from top brands.




Gucci chooses characters from Disney’s Three Little Pigs. It applied the pattern of those three pigs on its classic items.


three pig

Monogram canvas bag, white sneakers and sweatshirt are all more appealing because of the adding of three pigs.


Gucci Pig

Gucci's pig is funny and sweet which is suitable on sweaters.


Small accessories with pig patterns are appealing. Wool scarf and jacquard socks with sweet pigs are colorful. The red color is auspicious.


Louis Vuitton


LV's 2019 limited editions are of small accessories. The leather key chain is creative, and pig’s feet can be moved.


The necklace with pig patterns on the coin-shaped pendant is a fashionable item, which can be matched with sweaters in winter. The price is $400. There is also bracelet with the same style.


LV necklace

Handkerchief with soft colors and pig and cherry patterns are attractive, and it can also be used as hair band. The price of it is 2750RMB, and it is made from 100% genuine silk.




Coach's little pig coin purse and card holder are cute and fashionable.


In recent years, Coach has designed lots of items with animal patterns on. It includes party pig bags and pig tote bag.




Chloé is always special and elegant. Little pigs don’t decrease the elegance a bit.


Chloé style


These prints are designed by Chloe and Indian artist Rithika Merchant. Roy Bucket and Tess with those prints on are artistic.


Longchamp X Mr.Bags


Prints on white T-shirt and sweatshirt are simple. Although a little expensive, it is elaborate.


Mr. Bags cooperated with Longachamp to design the collection of pig bags, which are unique and appealing.


Longchamp bag


The bag shape is the classic of Longchamp. The simple design includes interesting details. Pig tail is on the front and pig head is on the back. Two bags form a complete outline of a pig.


Kate Spade


Designs from Kate Spade is also outstanding. Nude pink is easy to match. The red ear can be moved, which is interesting. 


Kate Spade bagFind more pig pattern from

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