What will be popular next season in London fashion week

Author:Tom 2021-01-15

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Because of the epidemic, fashion week has also undergone tremendous changes. In previous years, those designers who gave us dreams needed to run around the world, seeking inspiration and looking for fabrics. Now, they are almost all in the studio, and even need to use Zoom to communicate.


However, their perception and creativity of beauty have not diminished at all. Compared to the past, I think this year's London fashion show is more realistic and romantic.


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So what will be popular next season? Let's take a look at popular keywords.
Keyword one: Tulle skirt
First of all, skirts are the most frequently seen item in London Fashion Week. The tulle skirt is the most intuitive and popular trend of this London Fashion Week.
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For example, Burberry, its white tulle skirt is too beautiful.
The length above the knee can keep you warm in the warm and cold spring, and then modify the shape of the lower leg. The designer told us that he wanted to make a mermaid-like decorative hem.
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In addition to beauty, the concept is also very beautiful. This is Burberry's third fashion show to be certified for carbon neutrality. The implication is a "green" release focusing on sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions. For a complete introduction to the Burberry show, you can click here to review.
Keyword two: Folds
Tulle is a major trend in London Fashion Week, but the popularity of pleated skirts cannot be underestimated.
The fold design has inherent advantages. It covers the imperfect parts of the wearer as much as possible, and covers a new curve with its many lines.
Richard Malone pleated skirt is mature and advanced from style to color selection.
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You can even find a combination of folds and tulle in his skirt.
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Richard Malone hand-sews protective gear for British doctors during the epidemic. The inspiration for this series of folds came from that time.
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Keyword three: Printed skirt
This year's printed skirts mostly appeared in slim and body styles.
Duro Olowu's dress borrowed from the African American painter Emma Amos. The brilliant colors and large petals make up the spring beauty.
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There is also the Erdem just mentioned, which is a brand that makes floral to the extreme. This time, the inspiration came from Susan Sontag's book "Volcano Lover". The epidemic is very similar to the uncertainty described in the book.
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This season's printed skirt adopts the retro lines of the 18th century, combining classical texture, plant printing, brocade, and hand embroidery on the Greek-style long skirt.
Keyword four: retro handbags
Next we talk about handbags.
Different from the slender skirts, the handbag lines of this year's London Fashion Week are more retro and soft.
Simone Rocha's handbags are not only embellished with pearls, but also look like unpolished pearls that have just been opened from a pearl clam.
fashion bagfashion bag
Vivienne Westwood's handbags prefer buckets.
fashion bagfashion bag
Burberry's bags are also very curved. This Olympia handbag has been replaced with different materials and colors in this series.
fashion bag

Key words five: literary and artistic texture shoes


In addition to handbags, shoes are also the focus of everyone's concern.


In the past, the designers of London Fashion Week tended to be fanciful in shaping the style of shoes. For example, the alien heel was a very important concept in the first two seasons.


But this season, the pursuit of romantic escapism seems to extend to shoes, such as Richard Malone's shoes, retro, and colors seem to be extracted from oil paintings.


fashion shoes


Sharon Wauchob's flat ballet shoes also take the literary style, the leather looks soft and comfortable.


fashion dressesfashion dresses


Keyword Six: New way of watching fashion shows


Finally, talk about the new format of London Fashion Week during the epidemic. Compared with previous years, this year's London Fashion Week only has three offline shows that actually invite guests, namely Bora Aksu, Mark Fast and Pronounce just mentioned.


fashion show


Like Burberry, the remaining nearly 80 brands chose to release new series online in the form of fashion movies, show videos, and outdoor live broadcasts.


fashion show


A few brands will combine online and offline, exhibiting new products in the form of fashion micro-film + small salon show, such as Victoria Beckham.


Victoria Beckham


The show seems to be farther away from us, but in fact, the designer not only did not reduce the slightest yearning for beauty, on the contrary, they are full of warmth and uncompromising power.


This is how many fashion micro movies are reflected.


Michael Halpern invited front-line epidemic prevention personnel, such as doctors and nurses, to film his new series of films.


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Art School invited transgender and disabled people to walk for them, emphasizing the infinite tolerance of beauty.


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It is not convenient to go out during the epidemic. Burberry used the British rural scenery to awaken our best imagination of nature.


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As the chief creative director Riccardo Tisci said, this show is like stepping into sand and water, and people are open to all natural elements.


We hope that in the near future, the epidemic will finally pass.


People embrace each other without burden, embrace nature, embrace each other.


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