What is the Charm of the Nordic Style Fashion Sweaters

Author:Tom 2019-12-06

Nordic fashion style


The wave of "retro wind" some time ago has just passed, and the cold winter breeze blowing on us has brought a new trend of "nordic wind". Our most impression of the cold northern Europe is the prosperity and clarity, which can combine the two for one thing, it is a Nordic style element. It is a simple, generous and comfortable feeling.


causal pants


Casual pants have been much favored in the past two years, because it does not pick the body shape at all. Although there is a lot of meat on the legs and the legs are not good-looking, it can still cover the short leg defects and the legs are straight and slender. The blue sweater of blogger Erika is more suitable for light-colored pants, or a light-colored sweater, which must be matched with dark-colored pants. It has a deep and light full of high-level feelings.


sweater with short dress


Sweaters match with short skirt is also a favorite choice for many women. And also it is a good choice to match boots. However, in the winter, it will be a little explicit when wearing too much or too little. It seems very important to match with socks. It not only retains the visual effect of naked legs, but also can easily show long bare-leg socks.  It is also very warm, but women's must remember that choose a color you suitable when choosing bare-leg socks. 


sweater with long dresses


Women with thick legs can choose a long skirt to wear, and revealing their thinnest ankles, how to wear it under the skirt, you can choose it according to your favorite, because it can't be seen from the outside, so some women sometimes wears sweater with a long skirt, you will put warm items such as leggings on the inside. It will keep warm and does not affect the beauty. In addition, because the long skirt is a large area of fabric, it is especially important to choose a color. It is recommended that like choosing wide-leg pants, dark tops can be paired with light long skirts, light tops can be paired with dark long skirts, and wearing the same color system will taste unexpected surprises!


sweater with long dresses


The missing of the bottom is a relatively popular method in the past two years. Generally, a sweater that covers the bottom is selected. It can be matched with a short skirt or shorts to prevent the light from going out. Strong desire for protection, it match with boots or small shoes that are a good choice for women with very small bodies.




Although there are different ways of wearing, but the most common in daily life is tight pants, whether it is solid color or denim, almost every little women will have a single item in spring, summer, autumn and winter, this is also the most obvious long legs, although it is the basic wear, but the color and style can still have a very colorful effect.


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