What Gift Does Mother's Day Choose

Author:Alice 2019-05-10

Mother is synonymous with love. On Mother's Day, Louis Vuitton launches the Monogram Giant series, which is a tribute to motherly love. The new main logo is a magnified classic print, including Speedy Bandoulière 30 handbags, belts, mobile phone cases, jewelry, watches and a variety of clothing items and shoes. With the sincerity of accessories, shoes and other free choices to release the modern charm, together to present your heart.


LV's bag


LV's bag


LV's Bracelet


LV's bag


LV's phone case


LV's scanf


LV's handbag


LV's belt


LV's belt and bracelet


Except bags, shoes, belts, mobile phone cases, jewelry, watches, fashion clothing is also a good choice for you to for your mother, see more LV's fashion clothing style at