Waneebe The New Definition of Micro-Fashion Kidswear Benchmark Brand

Author:Tom 2021-01-05

Kidswear Benchmark Brand


The Korean kidswear avant-garde brand Waneebe is good at making design and overlapped dressing in bright colors. Its neutral-gender design concept presents a fresh and comfortable micro-fashion style. This brand allows the clothes to be worn in more occasions with chic designs at the same time.


Kidswear Benchmark Brand


Under the micro-fashion style, fresh colors are applied with stripes and letters on T-shirts. Combining wide cuffs with letters, bright-colored letter T-shirts and overalls present an individualized chic child image.




Low-saturation contrast-colored splicing makes the half placket design more eye-catchy. Heterogeneous splicing, contrast-colored hat and neck, logo and letters endow sweatshirts with more variations. Light-colored screw thread splicing breaks the monotonous cycle of stripes and presents a better visual feeling.


Sweatshirt -- Splicing


As a main element of avant-garde design, letters are mostly shown as positioning prints on Wannebe's styles. Various letter arrangements enlarge the differences between styles. The decorative luminary yellow on the base color of cameo blue or red orange presents a cool individuality and brings more surprises.


Letter Prints


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