Victoria Beckham 2020SS London Fashion Show

Author:Tom 2019-09-19

There is no shortage of British fashion entrepreneurs and female designers in the fashion world. And after a decade of development and a definition of femininity, Victoria Beckham's personal brand has a distinctive personal style.



On the London fashion show, Beckham took the family to the Victoria Beckham 2020SS show, and the little daughter wore a printed dress that Victoria Beckham's personally created. The family of the Victoria Beckham couple is also really enviable.


Victoria Beckham's family


Dior menswear designer Kim Jones also attended the show.


Kim Jones


Victoria Beckham's design has always been tasteful. The contrast between bold color matching and high saturation awakens the visual sense of the audience. Next, let's go straight to the show and greet the "Best British Elegance" fashion show.


Victoria Beckham fashion showVictoria Beckham fashion show




In the Victoria Beckham 2020 spring and summer collection, the classic camel, gray and khaki-based, without too much tailoring, let the blazer and suit coat show the image of a dazzling and powerful woman. Self-confident and free-spirited, the models who are full of performances perform urban commuters in the center of the T-stage to provide a model for women in the workplace.






Trench Coat


Trench Coat


Elegant dress


In addition to the simple and independent commuter coat, Victoria Beckham also features the elegant irregular skirt. In the dress, she hopes to put the vibrant color into the series, expressing the feminine and delicate image of the woman's sleek appearance through bright colors.


Elegant dress


You can see purple, green, lemon, brick red and other unique bright color dresses. The tailoring aspect has been extended to a bright and atmospheric design. This "inadvertent" cropping is also their fascinating place.



During the big fashion show, Victoria Beckham Beauty, the personal beauty brand launched by Victoria Beckham was launched, and the packaging looks very textured. The models of this catwalk are also the first batch of early adopters.


Victoria Beckham BeautyVictoria Beckham Beauty


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