U/TI x Fashion Magazine Bazaar

Author:Tom 2019-11-19

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In recent years, cross-border collaboration between brands have become a trend. The major brands lend strength to each other, allowing brands in different fields to collide with more sparks, creating fresh and pleasant surprises for consumers. Supreme and LV classic printing combination, Uniqlo × Kaws joint T-shirt, white rabbit × smell library perfume, brand collaboration name is like a wonderful chemical reaction between the two substances, affecting the heart of the consumer.




Recently, the world-famous fashion magazine "Bazaar" has "hands-on" fashion women's brand U/TI, and jointly launched a joint design series to create the most fashionable "FASHION-FORWARD" element.


fashion collaborationfashion collaboration


This joint design series is guided by the sense of space and future. It explores the perception of fashion and the curiosity of the future time and space. It takes you to break the wall of the dimension and launch a journey of futuristic fashion! In the future, if fashion is an adventure that transcends time and space, then the end of this journey will be a storm of boundaries between technology and fashion.


fashion collaboration


This joint design series, with "futurism" as the theme of design, highlights the "future" fashion elements such as technology down, space tights and future tooling style, making the simple style fashionable and avant-garde, bringing the Hollywood blockbuster reality!


The U/TI x Fashion Bazaar co-branded design helped the "2019 BAZAAR Star Charity Night" part of the hour after the donation to the Bazaar Charity Project. The young fashion women's brand U/TI and the world-renowned magazine "Bazaar" launched a joint design model across the world, releasing the "futurism" series of time-space, to express the perfect fit of fashion attitude!


U/TI Brand Big Event


U/TI Brand Big Event


Speaking of fashion women's brand U/TI, since the 2017 China International Fashion Week, 751 D.PARK first workshop Beijing first show invited Li Chen, He Sui, Han Huohuo and other star hipsters to watch the show, has been in the fashion circle attract attention.


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In 2018, in his Shanghai headquarters building, he launched a big show with the theme of “light luxury girlfriend”. Star Chen Xuedong, fashionista Chen Burn, Linda, Han Huohuo and Xu Fengli all attended the show. Inspired by the scenes of everyday life, the model travels through different scenes to express a light and extravagant lifestyle without occasions.


2018 fashion stars


2018 FW U/TI cross-border "Boxing Stars Star Charity Night" opening show, the boxing champion Zou Shiming, Yan Yingying and their team No. 1 sports center together debut at the event!




U/TI takes "light luxury girlfriend" as its brand concept and "creates an international multi-brand fashion group" as its corporate vision. It has established a shopping mall, department store and MALL channel covering the first- and second-tier cities in China for five years. The home store (cabinet), known as the "black horse" in the fashion women's world, is growing at a high speed.


fashion collaboration


It is believed that the cooperation between U/TI and fashion Bazaar is a sign that the young U/TI brand will enter the next more brilliant five years and become a more solid cornerstone for the century-old brand casting!


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