Trendy Sports Newcomer + New Generation Fashion icon

Author:Emily 2019-06-28

On June 26, 2019, the trend sports brand FILA FUSION announced that Kōki became the new FILA trend sports spokesperson. The smile of Kōki in the promo is too cured! As a brand of FILA's 18 to 28-year-old young favorite trend group, it is the brand of the most popular product, witnessing the perfect collision between fashion culture and youthful sports.



Italy's century-old classic sports brand FILA has released its new trend sports brand FILA FUSION. The expansion of FILA fashion map also marks the brand's full entry into the new generation market. In the summer, FILA will explore the classic red and blue tones to release the new originale collection.



Arranged in a simple rectangular color block for innovative fusion with color. The red color of Fila is a spirit of struggle for the determination of things with passion and dedication. Fila Blue is a curious, free-spirited and unknown adventure. FILA LOGO has also become the crowning touch in the overall styling, showing FILA's consistent fashion personality.



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