Trend Keyword of Men's Heavy-gauged Leisure Knitwear Stitching

Author:Tom 2021-08-03

Men's Knitwear


The stitching design of smart casual men's knitwear is more diversified. Except for the classic cable, stitched patterns, geometric shapes and blocks create fashionable items which are loved by younger consumers. The common eyelet stitching and net structure of womenswear are also extended to the design of smart casual men's knitwear to show individuality.


Men's Knitwear


Stitched letters, patterns and geometric shapes are applied more on monochrome knitwear. The combination with eyelet stitching enriches the general image. The placement application on pocket is more recommended.

Stitched Pattern
Stitched eyelets can be applied both in placement or all over the garment. The placement eyelet decoration is more exquisite. The application on the structural lines of knitwear can strengthen the garment structure. All-over application can be combine with basic purl knitting to bring higher density.
Stitched Eyelet
The worn-out texture in the placement of body and neckline shows a broken effect. The more exquisite broken scale and string connection strengthen the details. Pattern changes can also be added to create more layered knitwear.
Placement Broken Effect