TOP Chinese Retail Markets Men's Knitwear Brands in the First Half of 2020

Author:Tom 2020-07-07

China Retail Markets


TOP 30 Popular Brands of Men's Knitwear in the First Half Year


This report ranks the top list based on downloading interactive data of users in the first half of 2020. According to data analysis, Chinese brands gain more attention. Chinese brands occupy a half in the top 10 (Septwolves, Cabbeen, Satchi, K-BOXING and BULE ERDOS). Business brands grow than last year. Placement details on simple styles become main design directions for business leisure style in the first half of 2020. Cabbeen ranks the second with its collaboration collections and its help during the pandemic. Cashmere brands also draw more attention. Malo and BULE ERDOS appear in the top 10, indicating more and more people pursue high quality, comfort and simplicity.


TOP 30 Popular Brands of Men's Knitwear in the First Half Year


Proportion of Main Styles

According to interactive data of users, business leisure and fashion leisure are main styles. Fashion leisure style declines a little, while business leisure grows obviously. Traditional business style remains non-negligible. Young business holds larger and larger proportion. Styling which blurs the boundary between office and daily wearing will be a new direction.


Proportion of Main Styles


TOP 1 -- Septwolves

Founded in 1990, Septwolves offers two lines: the Classic Series and the Trend Setting series, which meet the sartorial needs of men in different situations. The brand's concept and motto is "The many sides of a man, diverging from a single quality." In 2010, SEPTWOLVES founded its MR.TOWN as a platform to present lifestyles of contemporary celebrities and stars. In S/S 2020, it decorates the knitwear with lines, stitches and multiple crafts, showing modern simple designs and making business wear more wearable and younger.




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