Three ways to wear new Fendi's earring that is hidden in the Logo of Double F

Author:Tom 2020-03-31

Sometimes the design does not need to be complicated and gorgeous, it can make people feel love at first sight, especially the accessories, including handbags, shoes, hats, accessories, etc., many of our familiar boutique brands only use the logo cleverly that can cause this discussion, it like Gucci earrings, Prada's retro hairpins, etc. that we have shared before, and so on, and this time with the brand's new season, we have found something exciting!

Among Fendi's new spring and summer products, one of the accessories put the double F Logo symbolizing the brand on the ear, and designed the ear pin upside down on different parts of F. At first glance, it is just a simple letter, but it can add different wearing methods to the earrings. In addition to wearing a single F, a layer of tenon design allows the two F letters to be buckled in front of and behind the ear. There are currently three color schemes for this earring, including transparent, amber, and yellow. Are you want to have it?