This year's popular trend for men and women is to share hats

Author:Tom 2020-04-22

The present is a century of anchors and live broadcasts. It is particularly important to create a unique IP. You want to be popular under the uniform itme, you need some small objects to help. The black image of the whole body with a touch of red lips has been used too much. We want to introduce new ones. We recommend you to use a hat, which will allow you to be perfectly portrayed.


Derby Bowler


In 1850, the Derby hat was invented by James Kirk, who was born in England. The original creation used hard materials to achieve the effect of protecting the head. It was gradually popularized in the late 19th century. However, because the design is similar to the silk top hat worn by the upper class at that time, plus the felt material is easy to clean, it is popular with the people of the well-off class, and it also symbolizes the rich culture and higher education. Therefore, each gentleman has at least a round top hat, Malcolm McDowell and comedian Charlie Chaplin in the movie of The Clockwork Orange are the best characters of the Derby hat.




Flat Cap


Also known as the hunting cap, the most curious name is inspired by the flat tongue. In the 14th century, Britain, Scotland, and Italy were all wearing peaked caps, but they did not drive the trend at that time. Until 1571 AD, in order to stimulate wool market transactions, the British passed a bill. Except for nobles, all men over the age of six During vacations, hats made of wool must be worn. At this time, caps made of wool began to prevail in the working class. By the 19th century, caps were everywhere in Britain and Ireland, and exquisite workmanship caps began to be received by the upper class favored.


flat hatflat hat

Pork pie Hat


This inwardly flat hat top hat originated in 1830, and the patrons were mostly female customers. Until the 1920s, some British men began to wear them in daily life, and this trend has also blown to the United States, which is like architecture Masters Frank Lloyd Wright and Lester Young, the gods of jazz have been captured wearing caps. In the 1960s, Jamaica set off a wave of Rude Boy, and the indispensable accessory was this flat hat with yapi style. At the same time, Jamaica ’s subculture became popular in the United Kingdom. The flat hat became a popular synonym since then. Afterwards, the flat hats had lectures from British and Jamaican.


pork pie hatpork pie hat

Gentleman Fedora hat


In 1882, a Fédora performed by the French Opera House was loved by the world, especially the hat worn by the heroine Fédora Romanoff attracted everyone's attention-a drop-shaped top design with a wide brim. It is not only can shade or wind, and for convenience, we will directly call the hat section Fedora, which is also known as the gentleman hat. At first, gentleman hats were mostly made of soft woolen cloth. Later, different styles of gentleman hats were derived according to style preferences. For example, Jews would wear black gentleman hats and formal clothes as daily clothes. In addition, the music star Michael Jackson and well-known the film Indiana Jones of Harrison Ford wears a handsome image of the gentleman hat, making the heat of the gentleman hat again fever.




Jazz Trilby hat


It has a similar appearance to a gentleman's hat, the only difference is that the brim is shorter. The name comes from the novel "Trilby" by the British writer George du Maurier, who was a British noble man at the time. Symbol accessories. Swinging London in the 1960s became a popular item for men. In the 1970s, because men began to pay attention to hairstyles, wearing hats turned into an unfashionable performance. Until the 1980s, the trend of jazz hats even attracted female consumers. Today, American pop music Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars are jazz hat enthusiasts.



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