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Author:Tom 2020-04-20

Denim has always been a classic that never ends in fashion circles. In recent years we have fallen in love with the elegance and fashion of high-waisted jeans. This year everyone can try a denim shirt, which still returns with an elegant new look.


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More and more denim shirts for fashion occasions




The denim shirt is brought to everyone's attention again because of the new CELINE. The new CELINE combines the two classic singles of the last century's rock boom period, like shirts and flared pants, as if awakening our free and rebellious yearning for rock youth.


In the new CELINE show for several consecutive seasons, there are many sets of denim shirt designs.


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Not only that, but even men's collection has denim shirts, so some fashion stars also wear it.


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Nili Lotan and the new CELINE have some similar styles, but Nili Lotan's retro taste is not so obvious, it does not deliberately create the uninhibited and free and easy of the rock fan, and it is more inclined to the casual fashion that urban women want.


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Saint Laurent's spring and summer show also had denim shirts built inside, let us see the handsome, smart and elegant sexy of big women.


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Even Chanel has also launched denim shirts, but the design is more feminine and maintains the brand's main tone. This series runs through the Japanese version of the magazine.



During the Spring Festival, which was during Fashion Week, we found that several talents who watched the show chose denim shirts instead of other eye-catching items. Leandra is a very authentic denim blue shirt.


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Christine is relatively more in line with recent trends, with shoulder pads and oversized design. In fact, she usually wears a lot of denim shirts in private, black and denim blue are her two favorite types.



Since the spring of this year, fashion magazines in many regions have also specially arranged denim topics or covers.


Denim shirts appear the most frequently in daily miscellaneous items. This set of pictures of the April edition of "Vogue" in Japan shows us the casualness and elegance of denim.



This set of pictures is the American version of Harper's BAZAAR. Whether it is a composition or a pair of denim shirts, it maintains a relaxed, comfortable and fashionable tone.


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Denim shirt


In our previous impressions, denim shirts were used to match black jeans with small feet, which looked very casual on the street. But this year denim shirts let us re-understand by matching that denim can also be refined and elegant.


It is this year's trend to wear denim delicately and elegantly, and we also recommend you to imitate it.


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Through the understanding of the previous article, we should have noticed that all denim shirts this year, with tops and bottoms is almost highlight the waistline. It is not in line with the current popularity to wear loosely even as a coat as in the past.



Even if it is a denim + denim matching form, we can make ourselves elegant by highlighting the waistline and embellishing small accessories.



This year it is highly recommended that you try denim shirts + denim bell-bottom pants, and then strengthen the waistline to wear out the confident and free personality of the last century women.


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Celebrities in European and American streets have already walked out of the street through such shapes.


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Another popular denim shirt is to wear a suit, which is a shortcut to wear denim with a sophisticated and fashionable look. On the show mentioned earlier, denim shirts + suits are also very common.



Yoyo Cao also walks like this in a street shot, perfectly showing the exquisiteness, cuteness and playfulness of small women.


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In the fashion of western countries, cowboys have always been regardless of age and gender. Everyone likes to wear denim casually, relaxed and fashionable. We also hope that in our eastern world, everyone can find their own state of wearing denim through this year's new fashion.


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