These Advance Colors are Fashionable and Versatile in 2020

Author:Tom 2020-01-16

At the beginning of the new year, we are busy participating in various parties. Don't think about it, it 's definitely red at the party. Although red is indeed festive, but the skin tone is not white enough to easily wear a rustic feelings.


women's coat

TOP1: Cherry Red


Cherry Red

Because the red color is highly saturated, it is very picky to the skin, so it is very unfriendly to yellow skins such as Asian women. Then reduce its saturation and replace it with a cherry red which is so hot this year! From Princess Kate to European and American supermodels, from coats, suits to knitwear, presumably you have felt the popularity of cherry red! That's right, it is the "high-level color" that has to be entered in 2020, just like grape wine, cold and charming, not kitsch and delicate, it is vivid interpretation of high-end texture!


cherry red coat

In the cherry red dress, we will not recommend the matching of those coats. For another idea, change to a leather jacket and velvet suit to ensure that you can turn the whole place! Just like the popular supermodel Bella Hadid's street shot, the short black leather jacket raises the waistline position, and the motorcycle style design is very handsome! The velvet suit with a red velvet linen inside is intertwined with retro and modern, which is fascinating!


TOP2: Caramel camel


Caramel camel

Morandi is a well-known "advanced color", and the most suitable for oriental women is the caramel camel. Because it is closer to our skin color, it will not appear detached when worn, it can highlight the cleanliness and harmony of the overall wear, so it has become the first choice of color for the New Year's shirt! It is not difficult to see from the street shoot look of bloggers that no matter whether it is a long or ankle coat, caramel camels are "expensive"!


caramel camels coat

For the various New Year's parties this year, we suggest ladies to try the design of "camel small suit + bow tie". The small suit uses a dark camel color system, which can better reflect the fairness of the skin, and the large suit lapel cut is very straight. Combined with the printed long streamer, a touch of sweet girlishness is embedded in the inherent stereotype of the suit. Put on a beaded bag, and you are the sweet girl!


TOP3: haze blue


blue color

Although the haze weather is annoying, the color mixed with sky blue will make countless hipsters crazy in 2020! The "smog blue" color system is definitely a color that comes with "forced", not the kind of "baby blue" or the deep "peacock blue", but a little more blue than gray and blue. The color is a little more gray, and the whole body is filled with the cold and gorgeous temperament of "Let's not be near"! Tall girls can choose the haze blue coat, while smaller guys can choose a suit!


TOP4: Emerald Green


Emerald Green

Emerald green just listening to this name, you can't help but think of the top emerald displayed in the British Museum, light luxury texture and rich gloss flow in every corner. Whether it is a Russian lady with this emerald double-breasted trench coat, or the emerald velvet long dress chosen by He Sui, it is definitely worth your bold attempt in 2020!



Throw away those red items on the rotten street. The rustic soil is not worth our deep love, and replaced with cherries red, camel, haze blue and emerald green popular in 2020, let your temperament has been improved by leaps and bounds! Which advanced color do you like best?