These 3 style shirts are very popular in this spring season

Author:Tom 2020-03-27

After the epidemic situation is gradually relieved, what do you wear? Are you ready?

What? A white shirt again?

Oh, no. It is not worthy of our suppressed mood for many days! We all need new!

Here comes the first recommendation in spring.

Denim shirt, see-through shirt, pointed collar shirt, pack these three shirts recommended, this spring, you will more brilliant than most people!

Denim shirt

Women who like the casual feel of denim jackets and feel stiff and uncomfortable, be sure to try the perfect species of denim shirt, this is the real advantages of the harvester.

Denim shirts do not have the stiffness of a jacket. Many of them are actually made of cotton to make denim effects, but the color is completely online and they are our good friends.

Unlike a denim jacket, which can only be worn in a single way, a denim shirt is much more special than an ordinary shirt!

You must know the top and bottom match: denim shirt + jeans / denim skirt, the sense of hierarchy will come out immediately!

See-through shirt

As a mature shirt, you need to be able to change your style.

Sweet, mature, fairy, sexy etc. , yes, we are talking about the new favorite style that is see-through shirt. As soon as you put it on, you feel that everything is growing back in the spring.

Light-colored see-through shirts can be paired with vests. When you see these fresh and breathable colors, you can't help but pour your head out of the window and take two more breaths of fresh air.

If you are more conservative, you can choose a dark, printed see-through shirt, or wear it directly as an inside, which is far more immortal than ordinary shirts!

Pointed collar shirt

On the cover of the annual fashion Bible, "VOGUE" "September", the clothing is a pointed collar shirt.

Do you understand for the women? September issue is equal next year's fashion trend, so point collar shirts have to try everything. Some bloggers were already up!

You may also have found, pointed collar shirt + suit is so popular! It is no longer selling insurance, but magazine covers.

The sweet beauty girl is wearing a pointed collar shirt, which is also a special little cute.

We have never realized that a collar can have so much effect! This may be the details of the legend determine the success or failure.