Then Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear Street Snaps

Author:Alice 2020-05-19

Street Snaps

During this pandemic, the way we present ourselves changes greatly from outdoor socializing to quarantine at home. Carpe diem is the life attitude of current youngsters. Fashionistas can always present wonderful looks whether going out or staying at home.


Various Shirts

Shirts seem indispensable. Splashing, blurring and digital all-over print create an artistic vibe for the shirt. Paisley prints are applied to the deconstructed silhouette, with black striped loose pants for a bold and layered visual impact. The workswear shirt has more pockets than ordinary shirts, in line with the trend of minimalist style.


Various Shirts

For slightly oversized suits, fashionistas normally add details. A bright-colored scarf and folk long boots, or a bag and leather boots with animal prints, enhance the retro chic feel of the entire look. The printed suit is worn over a mono-color inner, with a metal chain to be street and calm.


Suit Sets

Sportif style grows in recent years. The sports jacket is various and versatile. Color-blocking brings a strong visual impact for the conventional jacket. A knitted hat, straight jeans and clunky sneakers are matched, adding a retro feel.

Color-blocked Sports Jackets