The Womenswear Runway Analysis of Sultry Virgin

Author:Spring 2022-04-13

Hot Y2K Girl


Sultry Virgin is an independent Chinese designer brand founded by Xu Yan in 2020. Driven by the prevalent Y2K era, S/S 2022 collection came from a perfect holiday in the dream. Sunbath, Latin drums and cocktail constituted a seaside utopia for women. Terry fabrics, glossy ripples, braided fabrics and sexy translucent materials were mixed peacefully in the collection.


Sultry Virgin


Y2K is the representative style of Sultry Virgin. On S/S 2022 runway show, hand-held mobile phones and lustrous installations revealed a harmonious modern style.


Hot Y2K Girl style


Designer deconstructed the waistbands to outline wearers’ waist details. Ornamental straps beautified the waist part and caught eyeballs. The pairing with cropped tops was extremely hot.


Deconstructed Waistband


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