The Womenswear Fabric Comprehensive Analysis of Cruise 2022 Runways

Author:Tom 2021-08-23

fabric trend


Cruise 2022 womenswear runways presented dazzling colors and rich fabrics. As the color trend of this season, acid bright colors allowed joyous design to sweep the market. Lime green, wax pink, lilac purple and sunset blue encourage the emotion. According to the analysis of international Cruise 2022 womenswear runways and the catwalk data of POP Fashion, delicate and premium tweed and colorful suit fabric are the main fabrics. Soft-touch and smooth 3D lace embroidery shows a high proportion. Smooth silk with bright and draped appearances and the futuristic shiny leather are noteworthy as well. Natural cotton-linen leisure fabric and impactive 3D decorations will also become the mainstream in the future.


fabric trend


Tweed is the most elegant and premium fabric of the Cruise 2022 runways, which is suitable for creating urban professional styles, elegant sweet styles and mature styles. The mottle appearance of tweed is presented by yarns and textile structures. Two or more kinds of yarns are combined with different patterns to form herringbone, stripe, check and geometric structures. Fancy yarns like metallic yarns and chenille are added into wool to form embossed surface and crisp, elastic fabric, which is softer and warmer than the common tweed.


fabric trend


Shiny leather is an important fabric on Cruise 2022 runways. The jelly-like coating above the leather allows fabric to have fashion properties and a futuristic feel. The lustre of shiny leather can be strengthened by water-based PU coating. Embossing process creates overlapped textures, and sustainable highlight viscose is used to realize the shiny effect. Polyamide, polyester and elastic fibers are also available to show the lightness and functionality. The eco-friendly biodegradable shiny coating of waterproof functional fabric is recommended for deve-



fabric trend


Colorful suit takes a high proportion of the Cruise womenswear runways. The minimalist and entry-lux commuting suit is suitable for elegant urban women. Twill TR fabric shows solid and comfortable tactility and textures. The acetate fabric made of synthetic fibers provides fresh colors, bright appearance, good air-permeability and elasticity. Wool, polyester and viscose are blended together to bring the delicate texture of worsted fabric, which is soft and elastic.


Beautiful Color Suit


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