The Whitecap Gray Color Trend for Women's Knitwear

Author:Spring 2023-02-28

Women's Knitwear


The unbleached hue of Whitecap Gray presents monochromatic pieces in Spring/Summer. Coarse textures, jacquard stripes and decorative details enrich layers and make upscale, minimal designs.


Whitecap Gray


Minimal knitwear pieces in Whitecap Gray infuse natural hue into daily lives. The cozy, loose fits are joined by stitched textures and stripes to enrich the styles. The tone-on-tone matching increases the layer changes.


Refined Looks


The design of stitching is important to minimal knitwear. Wool and cashmere are blended with metallic yarns to improve the luxury. Coarse cables and delicate open-knitting elevate the quality.

Yarn & Stitching


Localized embroideries and delicate buttons adorn the minimal pieces. Hand stitches give customized effects. Neckline details and the splicing between knits and wovens present upscale designs.


Detail Craft pattern


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