The Visual Craft Trend for Women's Trousers

Author:Alice 2020-05-11

Women's Trousers

Crafts of women's trousers start from a new perspective. Main changes lie in the waistband, silhouette and leg openings. Different parts of trousers are decorated by buttoned slit, self-cloth knot or layered crinkles.


Women's Trousers

Different slits are added to different parts to deliver different feels. Loeil adds slit to seams and decorates the slit with self-cloth buttons to show the sweetness. The white suit set of Co is decorated by light-colored resin buttons in side seams, so the loose and neat straight trousers are cooler.


Women's Trousers


Knot reminds of the waist. However, Cinq a Sept and Off-White apply the self-cloth knot to leg openings to renew the look.


Buttoned Slit

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