The Vintage Fashion Analysis of Shenzhen CHIC

Author:Alice 2020-08-05

Shenzhen CHIC


The 2020 Dawan International Fashion Fair is held in July in Shenzhen. As the sportif style and street fashion decline, feminine style returns back. Various romantic flowers and textures emerge. This time Shenzhen CHIC exhibits lavish patterns which take on multiple colors and focus on the connection with nature. Freshness and retro luxury coexist, displaying diverse femininity.


Vintage Fashion


Slightly sheeny embossed fabric presents a strong visual impact, retro and complicated. The match of exquisite jacquard and light colors is wearable and commercial, ideal for chic outerwear.




Affected by home decoration, historical artistic style returns back. Jacquard fabric continues the 19th-century French flavor. Art nouveau home decoration inspires the decorative romantic surface decoration. Strongly retro jacquard fabric works well for outerwear and dresses.


Retro Jacquard


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