The Very Peri Color of the Year 2022

Author:Tom 2022-01-17

Very Peri


PANTONE released the Color of the Year 2022 on December 9, 2021. Very Peri is a hue sits right between purple and blue. With the aggressive promotion of mainstream medias, Very Peri is applied widely on garments in a pale shade and improves the visual tension of accessories. Discover more practical applications of Very Peri during the development.


Very Peri


Purples always play an important role in the fashion market in recently years. According to the color evolution brought by POP Fashion, purples were presented by horror aesthetics in A/W 21/22; scientific interaction and digital borders were the crux for S/S 2022; for A/W 22/23, purples brought genderless fashion and Gen-Z aesthetics back to release a youthful attitude.


Performance of Purples


Very Peri reveals digitalized qualities according to the fluid color gamut of PANTONE. POP Fashion recommended the following digital tones for S/S 2022 and A/W 22/23 in the year of 2021. Deep Periwinkle, Purple Rose, Princess Blue, and PANTONE 2905 C injected acid qualities into consumers' aesthetics. Secondary colors are now fused with neutrals and natural tones to express the color trend in the future.


POP Fashion's Color Trend for Womenswear


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