The Urban Rhythm TR Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2022-04-07

Fabric Trend


Poly-viscose TR fabric is important to the development of urban women’s suits. TR fabrics present great resilient, crispness and powerful light fastness, acidic/alkali resistance and anti-UV performance. For office ladies and urban beauties, suit and suit jacket are the must-haves in daily lives. This report focuses on the appearance and texture of TR fabrics. Fineness, check and stripe are the three main trending points.


Womenswear fabric


Style keywords: delicate urban; daily commuting; fine texture

Texture & material: Fine TR fabrics are smooth, stretchy and wrinkle resistant. The blending of viscose fibers and polyester is joined by other materials to present different textures.

Color: Optimist dopamine tones will be the new fashion trend; elegant pales will continue the momentum; saturated bright is the mainstream


Fine TR Fabric


For the commuting of sophisticated urban beauties, fine TR fabric is the best choice to present fashionable charm and neatness. Dopamine brights dominate the new season. Suit and suit jacket are the staples, as trench coat also takes a certain proportion.


Fine TR Fabric


Style keywords: business check; casual check; chic check

Material & skill: Viscose fibers are blended with polyester fibers and other materials. Metallic yarns are also injected to elevate the sense of fashion. Try jacquard and embroidery to enrich the layers.

Color & pattern: Business colorway is the mainstream; the use of pale background will be the trending point; more color contrasts are showed; wider checks are more eye-catching


Check TR Fabric


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