The Trend for Women's Natural and Sustainable Core Accessories

Author:Alice 2020-05-28

Women's Core Accessories

Consumers get used to increased time spent at home, so the demand for comfort and minimalism strengthens the importance of core items. Designs develop toward durability and multi-occasion application. Soft accessories will shine brightly after the pandemic.


The Blanket Scarf

The attention to longevity and reworked classics is over fleeting trends. Regular baseball cap prevails. Retro prints remain popular. Check and tweed turn the cap from a sports item into an elevated item, showing its everlasting charm. Logos or monograms are discreetly arranged, and tone-on-tone embroidery is advised.


The Baseball Cap

Sustainable yarns are made into knitted items, emphasizing tactility. Recycled natural fibers and ethical wool are priorities, which shows a cosy life quality and drives the attention to tactility. Chunky hand cabled knits and cosy fleece have a homespun feel, while compact wool make the texture more refined. Natural derived colors dye yarns, bringing a relaxing feel.


The Knitted Beanie

Cosy textures and extended lengths are key to cater to the desire for comfort. Sustainable yarns, such as natural alpaca, cashmere, RWS merino wool, yak, are used for classic knitted gloves.


Knitted Gloves

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