The TOP T-shirts List of Menswear

Author:Alice 2020-06-19


According to data analysis of TOP 100 downloaded men's T-shirts in May, fashion leisure style takes up a high proportion, showing a slight fashion trend. Structure changes a little; details become the focus; and accessories are lavish. Tape, metal decoration and badge appear in various ways. Street fashion brands focus more on the quality sense.


Data Analysis

TOP 10

According to the TOP 10 list (From left to right are 1-5, 6-10.), most items show a relaxed sports style and light business style. They are more practical and refined even without many decorative designs or functional designs. As for Louis Vuitton, embroidered letters and graffiti T-shirt are superior and casual; its monogram camouflage T-shirt is low-key yet meaningful. T-shirts of LACOSTE and Calvin Klein Jeans deliver a light business feel, with simple but smart prints to reveal vitality.


TOP 10 t-shirt

Multicolored letters and symbols enrich the layered sense and break monotony. Gucci and 24karats present a dazzling effect with the multicolored embroidery. Fendi fills in the blank of letters with colorful small letters, quite fun.


Multicolored Letters and Symbols

Badge rises in street culture. The small orange badge has been the symbol of Heron Preston. The North Face stitches a small badge, delicate and fun.


Outside Badge

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