The Thematic Color Trend for Women's Leather and Fur

Author:Alice 2020-01-19

Women's Leather and Fur


Neoclassicism emerged in the 18th-century France and became a dominant aesthetic in imperial art during the Napoleonic era. Neoclassicism revives classics, elegant and sentimental. It beautifies reality into a classical ideal through arts. Nowadays, as retro style, health and environmental concepts prevail, people take healthy and natural culture as the model and pursue classical and harmonious forms. So designers use time-tested elements. The most significant change in clothing is the return of simplicity and classical fashion, emphasizing realistic values through elegant and rational design.


Overview of the Theme


Neoclassicism is originated from the opposition to Baroque and Rococo arts and its belief is the revival of ancient Greek and Roman art. Neoclassicism and the classicism try to take people back to the ancient world or to rebuild the realm of reason. Artists deliberately imitate ancient art in style and theme. At that time paintings were describing the ruins, bringing people in front of the decadent ancient buildings. So the color palette is elegant and harmonious, rational and restrained. A few grey tones are integrated, elegant and decorative. Gilded beige brightens the color. The peach beige and morganite are graceful and light.

Thematic Colors
Key cold and warm colors are the main colors. It's suitable to apply elegant and soft colors to clothing in a large scale. Neat styles are dominant. Purple heather has a greyish tone, more adaptable. It is the best choice for transseasonal items. Peach beige with a lower purity is gentle and amiable, with an obvious lady style. And its pure and simple hue is also fit for casual clothing.
Key Colors
Portraits and sculptures are important inspiration sources for neoclassicism. The neoclassical style is based on the desire and yearning for the classical world, so the beauty of art is highlighted, even the alluring naked woman is as cold and crystal as porcelain. Compared with the Rococo era, artists bring the throbbing senses implicitly into the harmonious order of the classical. Peach beige reminds of the sculptured youthful body which was noble and gorgeous then, revealing a beauty between classicism and romance.
Peach Beige
Peach beige is suitable to be the main color singly. The light pink is amiable, easily creating modern Instagram styles. Simple and natural styles are dominant. Bright outline and natural supple lines display the beauty of neoclassicism. Fabric match should highlight the layered sense to pursue the classic and elegant beauty.
Peach Beige -- Clothing Collocation
Neoclassicism is originated in the French revolution, the era of absolute rationality. Therefore, most of the paintings are delicate and rigorous. The painting techniques are prim, and particular about symmetry and harmony to create a simple and tensile picture. The posture of the figure in the painting is similar to the ancient Greek statue, solemn and noble. Purple heather is gentle and restraining, containing the ration of the classic style and displaying the beauty of contemporary minimalism.
Purple Heather -- Inspiration
When applied to the outerwear of the lady and the young lady style, purple heather is softer. When paired with pure white, barely pink and silver sage, it is lively and bright. In autumn, the fur clothing can be styled with a light and thin printed top, elegant and exquisite.
Purple Heather -- Clothing Collocation