The Street Snaps Who Wear Brown Trench Coats on the New York fashion week

Author:Tom 2020-02-12

At the annual New York Fashion Week, at this time of the year, we will look at the popular combinations this year, and basically the popular styles will be displayed in New York Fashion Week. This year is no exception. We have organized some street styles for fashion week.

New York is still relatively cold. The honey beige trench coat is matched with a champagne color shirt; the lower body is paired with retro jeans and single shoes, which is really French retro. The honey beige color gives a very warm sense of the season, and this body is also more warmer. The focus is on the silk scarf around the neck, which really feels too retro and too famous. The overall match is very coordinated, and the color match looks very comfortable.

The second suit is really too fairy. Black long trench coat with white dress and Martin boots is very modern and fashionable. The combination of black and white has a large contrast between light and dark, which shows a sense of temperament and elegance. Especially the split front design of the skirt is more attractive. Coats and dresses are really a recent trend.

French retro is really very popular, and European and American streets just grab a shadow with French retro style. Brown long trench coat with reddish brown shirt dress is very retro and elegant. The lower body is matched with high Martin boots, which adds a fashionable atmosphere. Reddish brown is a very retro and period color, it looks really like the 80s model when it is matched.

Let's take a look at the popular blue collocation this year. The long blue woolen coat is very textured. Choose a blue polka dot shirt inside, elegant and intellectual. The bottom is paired with blue jeans and white booties. The color matching of this body is very coordinated, and blue and white are also very elegant and suitable. Coupled with the decoration of orange bags, there is a touch of playfulness in the quiet blue, which is really great.

For this daily outfits, the long brown coat with vintage blue jeans and white boots is both neutral and gentle. In particular, the accessories of the white bag increase the sense of aura of the whole outfit. Did you discover the characteristics of New York Fashion Week street style?

Black and gray suit jacket with the same color pants that is domineering workplace style. The inner tie is chosen to be recognizable green, and the sexy and elegant component is added to the dull black and gray tone. This dress looks very sloppy. And the dress style of the suit is very strong, as long as you add different colors on the inside, the overall model will be very fashionable. This suit is really handsome.

Do you find that these street stars like to wear brown clothes? It's not because it's wild. The brown windbreaker is a big dark blue sweater is a casual mix and match style; the lower body is matched with retro blue pants and Martin boots, and the retro girl is you. The color of brown is very neutral, and it is very suitable for matching with dark or light color. In particular, the function of the scarves is particularly strong, which has improved the clothing several levels. Which one do you want to have a try for this 7 styles?