The Stitch Trend for Men's Fine-gauged Stripe Knitwear

Author:Tom 2021-11-22

Men's Knitwear


Beyond the changes of jacquard pattern, the stripes on business casual styles are more recommended to be presented by stitching. Stripes are joined by stitching for updating and showing an embossed fabric surface.


Men's Knitwear


The float stitches on the fabric surface form a partial mosaic effect on men’s knitwear. The striped patterns enrich the visual layers and better feel the casualness of men’s knitwear.


Float-stitch Stripe


Two-tone stripes center on the use of colors. The intense visual impact of sharp color contrast is rather eye-catching; while relatively more harmonious tones create a more unified look. Besides, the use of two-tone stitches in placement sets off the upscale qualities.


Two-tone Stripe


Open knitting is used widely on the S/S men’s knitwear to feel cool and breathable. The open-knit stripes formed by different arrangements and holes show a sharp contrast on density, which elevates the layers and delicacy of men’s knitwear.


Open-knit Stripe


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