The Status Quo and Trend Forecast of Menswear Markets in China

Author:Alice 2020-05-21

menswear trend


At present, shops, restaurants and offices gradually open in China, and life is slowly but orderly. Although there are signs of recovery, getting the life back on track depends on how quickly the virus can be contained. Due to the pandemic, new modes are emerging in all walks of life. Online consumption is usual; conventional mode of working in office becomes telecommuting; contact-free service prevails; household entertainment rises, resulting in the boom of games. As for the fashion industry, the pandemic is a challenge yet an opportunity.


menswear trend


Wholesale markets in China are gradually opened. However, offline customers remain few, so wholesalers start selling products through live streaming or WeChat. Some wholesale markets also launch supportive policies to get through this hard time. For wholesale markets, online and offline selling are both critical.


The Wholesale Market Has Opened, What Is The Status Quo?


In the first quarter, the pandemic is severe in China, and factories are unable to resume production. And now, the world is struggling with the pandemic, and orders from Europe and America are cancelled or postponed. It is also hard to judge what the market will be like after June.


ODM and OEM Are Difficult to Resume Production


As a result of the pandemic, people have to stay at home, and offline stores are nearly shut down. However, Chinese fashion brand PEACEBIRD has made growth under the pandemic. It makes full use of WeChat communities, mini programs and live streaming to promote its sales, and achieves an average daily retail sales volume of more than 8 million. Fairwhale centers on Gen Z consumers to upgrade the brand. GXG also starts a nationwide promotion mode.


Uptrend of Chinese Brands


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