The Spring 2024 Apricot Cream Color Trend

Author:Spring 2022-10-19

color trend


The key color in Spring 2024, Apricot Cream is a warm orange with moderate saturation. The application on spring fabrics, especially the ones with luster and texture such as sheer, accessories and silk satin, develops dresses, pullovers and outerwear.


color trend


In this new season, Apricot Cream is mostly used to develop lightweight dresses, casual blazers and knitwear. The moderate hue better underlines brighter colors as Koi and Rum Rasin, or teams up with other mild tones.


Runway Looks


Apricot Cream is suitable for more textured designs: open braiding, patterned pleating, disc cuts and fringed edges. Tie-dyeing process is combined with pleating to improve the layers. The use of sequins enlivens the spring outfits.


Fabric & Pattern


Inspired by the still-life paintings of French artist Pierre Boncompain, who is good at using grays, brights and earthy brushwork to present the stuffs in daily lives, the palette fuses Apricot Cream with gray-infused Festival Bloom; Rum Rasin and Birch balance the visual effect; a little bit of Koi is added for excitement.

Colorway Inspiration


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