The Special Trend for Yarn and Stitch of Knitwear

Author:Tom 2020-09-16



Nonage brings us back to our childhood. Fun and unruly patterns and colors are mixed, which is the theme of this series. Cocooning materials inspired by mixed colors in abstract paintings, geometric shapes in gorgeous colors of kites, mixed materials and carpet-inspired knitting technologies all contribute to tensile and light textiles. (This report, Nonage, is one of yarn trends for A/W 21/22 SPINEXPO.)


Knitwear design Inspiration


Bright yet retro colors resemble our nostalgia about the past. Tones get further muted by the use of marled colors with the solids in patterns. Colors in this series take cues from the beautiful chaos found on a painter's palette.


Knitwear Colors


Inspired by mixed colors in abstract paintings, designers use marl brushed yarns for soft materials. Yarns of different materials and in varied colors are blended, which is the key focus of this series. Uneven slub yarns and fine boucle are stacked and mixed for marl yarns and textiles in varied textures and constructions.




Kites remind us of happy childhood memories. Drawing inspiration from shapes and colors of various kites, tone-on-tone styling is advised for this series. The special stitch method adapts to different qualities, thus presenting a rough surface. The floating stitch brings a hand-knit effect to the fabric.


Basic Elements


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