The Special Trend for Men's and Women's Ski Suits

Author:Tom 2020-04-22

Women's Ski Suits

As the impact of the environmental crisis gradually becomes more urgent and obvious, high intensity is the key design requirement of the ski theme. Carbon fiber, recycled nylon and graphene fibers can face the extreme environment and drive the development of sustainability. Vollebak's extreme thermal outerwear is made from dyneema yarn, which is 15 times stronger than steel and gets stronger in colder weather. Thus ski items need to adapt to severe weather, take toughness and durability as the top concerns, and combine protection with lightness and flexible elasticity.

fashion trend
With the popularity of recycled fabrics, bio-fabrics and recyclable optimized garments prevail. With recycled polyester or natural self-heating wool as the base, the seamless knitting is temperature-controlling, supportive and breathable. This undershirt is the second skin. The high elasticity is convenient for movements.
Base Undershirt

Creative quilting and baffle structure inject novelty and individuality into clothing. It can be worn as the base layer or combined with the vest. Soft shell knitted fabric with natural fibers as base is recommended.

Light Mid-layer Pullover
Puffa Jackets upgrade the fluffy sense to deal with the worse winter weather. Thick quilted design is protective and fashionable. Columbia's black technology of heat reflection locks heat around the body, quite noteworthy.
Insulation Puffa Jackets