The Silk Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-06-27

Fabric Trend


Fabric Trend


With the change of lifestyle, indoor temperature remains constant regardless of the seasonal changes. Under this background, middle-layer clothing items that meet the four-season wearing needs have attracted a lot of attention. Lightweight and breathable materials, features more suitable for spring and summer, remain popular during the autumn and winter seasons. Due to the characteristics of autumn and winter climates, designers favor soft and comfortable silk fabrics with natural breathability and moisture absorption, which have become increasingly popular among young consumers through fashionable styles and trendy combinations.


Through in-depth research on the consumer market and continuous exploration of production and R&D technology for silk fabrics, this report releases the trend direction for 24/25 autumn and winter silk fabrics from multiple dimensions, including fabric texture, material technology, and final wear performance.


Classic Twill


Development Focus: 1. Focus on the development of acetate and linen blended products. 2. Improve the luster and texture of the fabric through the process of sand washing the blank cloth and finished products. 3. Develop a paper texture and crease texture with a wash water paper feeling through water washing or pleating. 

Application: 1. Develop single jacket items with satin weave above 30MM. 2. Develop long dresses and casual jackets with satin weave fabrics of 26-32MM. 3. Develop close-fitting shirts and dresses with satin weave fabrics of 20-24MM.


Upgrade Satin


Development Points: 1. By enhancing the eco-friendliness of silk, the classic organizational texture adds product added value and expands the consumer group.

2. Printing technology enhances the richness of the fabric and pays attention to the trend of floral patterns

Application: dresses and shirts.


Silk Crepe


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