The Silhouette Trend for Women's Wide and Fit Trousers

Author:Tom 2021-05-26

Women's Trousers


Wide and fit trousers are those styles which are comfortable, fashionable and versatile. This report will introduce the silhouettes of new Oxford Bags, long French flares, floor-length airy pants, menswear-style tailored pants, high-waist gathered-ankle pants, and A-line Capri pants.


Women's Trousers


Oxford bags is a style of flares which was popular in the Oxford University influenced by the rowing competition between British universities in the 19th century. There are even Oxford Bags of 1896 in the Rowing Museum, which are made of beige carpet fabric. The New Oxford Bags have wider silhouette and richer materials. More crisp fabric should be selected to strengthen the silhouette.


New Oxford Bags


French flares integrate elegancy, minimalism and casualness. This high-waist and flared silhouette can well decorate the leg lines and present the stretched visual effect. Pay attention to the fluent curves during the tailoring in order to present prettier style.

Long French Flares Trousers
Comfortable and convenient airy pants have lightweight materials and loose silhouette, which provide enough freedom and decorate the defect of legs. The sewing process of draping fabric should be accurate to avoid the kinking.
Floor-length Airy Pants