The Silhouette Trend for Women's Suits

Author:Alice 2020-03-10

Women's Suits


According to latest domestic market dynamics, the S/S 2020 four fashion weeks, and hot items of star and bloggers, suit will be the next popular outerwear item. This report abandons regular suit styles, and collects novel designs of suits from perspectives of the waist, the shoulder line, plackets, the neckline and fabric change of basic styles. These creative suits provide novel styles for the avant-garde fashionable brand, the athleisure style, the lady style and the young lady style.

Women's Suits
Based on the waisted silhouette of basic suits, waisted designs are various through dart transfer and scattering. The featured waist designs are the cutout of YCH, and the waist arch bridge of Christopher Esber.
Tight Waist
Compared with previous wide-shoulder design, exaggerated shoulder line could create a nonchalant appearance better. Thus oversized shoulder pad is added to create a crisp visual effect for exaggerated shoulder line.
Crisp Shoulder Line